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ADVANCE is a school-based program for young people to volunteer in their community. It is a partnership between the Office of Youth, Victorian government secondary schools and community organisations.

Through ADVANCE, young people, school and community organisations develop networks of relationships while achieving shared goals. The program also encourages communities to support and recognise young people’s participation and positive role in society.

ADVANCE gives young people a chance to do something great in their community based on their choice. Young people are able to plan projects, meet new people, build skills and make a difference in their community.

ADVANCE at Cobram Secondary College is delivered in three parts:

  • Teamwork and Leadership Development Program – facilitated by Rubicon Outdoor Centre

  • Community Partnership with the CFA Cadet Program and Local CFA Brigades

  • Completion of the Bronze Level Duke of Edinburgh's Award

These opportunities work together to provide participants with the practical means to develop and implement a range of teamwork and leadership skills which underpin the merits of the program.

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