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Student Wellbeing

At CSC we are committed to ensuring the health and Wellbeing of our students and their families. We understand that students and their families may face difficulties that can cause them distress and put pressure on our students. This may impact their ability to learn or be at school. Students may have their own support networks in place and be able to overcome these adversities. However, some students may need some extra support or help being linked in with another support service to get them through a particular hard situation.

At CSC we have a wellbeing team to support all our students, including the following:

Leading Teacher
Adam Stevens

Key role of the SSN is to support Health Promotion & Primary Prevention in Secondary Schools in diverse ways in which the SSN can provide Health Promotion & Primary Prevention

  • Collaborative teaching

  • Targeted or small group work

  • Curriculum development

SSN is also an integral member of the school wellbeing team. Referrals can be made to the SSN for an individual health consultation with a focus on referring out to external agencies to provide targeted support.


School Secondary Nurse
Beth Valle


Beth is a register nurse and has worked within hospital and education settings. Beth is committed to helping promote health information to our students and provide them with resources and programs that aim to ensure our students have an equipped knowledge around their health and Wellbeing.


Wellbeing Coordinators
- Emily Gough
- Brooke Hill
- Leah Wiley

The school Wellbeing Coordinators are responsible for case management, liaising with external services, managing Out of Home Care students, contributing to focus days and organising wellbeing programs. Student Wellbeing Coordinators are available Monday-Friday with Social work and Youth work backgrounds.

School Support Canine

At Cobram Secondary College we have introduce Oakley to our school community. Oakley and school follow the DOGS CONNECT program to help integrate and train Oakley to be a positive and productive member of our school. Oakley can help students with attendance, behaviour, social connection, and emotional regulation. Oakley and key staff members are still in training, and we will continue to learn and grow together. Oakley sits in the Student Services Building he can attend wellbeing sessions or groups such as in the classroom.


At Cobram Secondary College we take a positive, proactive approach in the wellbeing of students at the college by implementing programs that work on building a student’s resilience and social skills.  Some of the programs undertaken at the college are:


  • Breakfast Club

  • Transition Programs

  • Taking Care of Me - Year 9 Health Awareness

  • My Passport

  • Social Safety and Digital Citizenship

  • Focus Days

  • Live4Life


The Wellbeing team are also available to work with students who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas:

  • Family Relationships

  • Study techniques and time management

  • Self-Care - Relaxation, stress management, sleep, hygiene, nutrition and mindfulness

  • Personal health

  • Building positive self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Peer relationships

  • Mental Health

  • Bullying


The Wellbeing team liaise with several key agencies within the Department of Education and the community to ensure students and families have access to further support. These include services such as:

  • GP’s and Local Health Services

  • Private Psychologists

  • Primary Mental Health

  • Police Community Liaison Officer

  • Family Care

  • Student Support Services

  • Koori Education Support Officers

  • Navigator Program

  • Headspace

  • Uniting Care

  • Moira Shire Council

  • Community House

  • eSafety Commissioner

  • The Bridge


Our support is guided by needs and goals that are identified by the student and is intended to help students develop skills needed to make positive changes in their lives. Wellbeing supports at Cobram Secondary College are voluntary, so we do not work with students unless they want to work with us. Our support is voluntary, so we do not work with students unless they want to work with us.

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