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Student Wellbeing

All staff at Cobram Secondary College possess the skills and knowledge to assist students to achieve their personal best. Student health and wellbeing is a key feature of teachers’ roles, it provides opportunities for students to be acknowledged for their efforts and develop a positive self-image. 

In addition to the commitment by all staff at Cobram Secondary College we have a Wellbeing Team that is comprised of the following positions:


Student Wellbeing Coordinators - Responsible for case management, liaising with external services, managing Out of Home Care students, contributing to focus days and organising wellbeing programs. Student Wellbeing Coordinators are available Monday-Friday

Secondary School Nurse (SSN) – 

  • Key role of the SSN is to support Health Promotion & Primary Prevention in Secondary Schools

  • Diverse ways in which the SSN can provide Health Promotion & Primary Prevention

    • Collaborative teaching

    • Targeted or small group work

    • Curriculum development

  • SSN is also an integral member of the School wellbeing team. Referrals can be made to the SSN for an individual health consultation with a focus on referring out to external agencies to provide targeted support.


At Cobram Secondary College we take a positive, proactive approach in the wellbeing of students at the college by implementing programs that work on building a student’s resilience and social skills.  Some of the programs undertaken at the college are:


Breakfast Club

Transition Programs

Taking Care of Me - Year 9 Health Awareness

My Passport

Social Safety and Digital Citizenship

Focus Days



The Wellbeing team are also available to work with students who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas:

Family Relationships

Study techniques and time management

Self-Care - Relaxation, stress management, sleep, hygiene, nutrition and mindfulness

Personal health

Building positive self-esteem and self-confidence

Peer relationships

Mental Health



The Wellbeing team liaise with a number of key agencies within the Department of Education and the community to ensure students and families have access to further support. These include services such as:

GP’s and Local Health Services

Private Psychologists

Primary Mental Health – GV Health

Police Community Liaison Officer

Family Care

Student Support Services

Koori Education Support Officers

Navigator Program


Uniting Care – Kildonan

Moira Shire Council

Community House

eSafety Commissioner

Villa Maria



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