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What is the uniform?

Students must wear full school uniform as per the school uniform policy.

Dress grey shorts                            

Dress grey pants 

Navy unisex track pants 

Dress navy shorts                               

College tartan skirt 

College school dress                              

College polo (unisex)                                    

Beanie – navy with logo (unisex)

Scarf – navy with  (unisex)

Hat broad brimmed – navy (unisex)

Rugby jumper with logo (unisex)               

Soft Shell Jacket with logo (unisex)

College Jacket with logo (unisex)           

Shoes - all black of any design

Solid colour, Black, Grey, White or Navy Socks (no logos)







Is there a sports uniform?

There is no sports uniform, an appropriate change of clothes and footwear is required. Sports shorts or tracksuit pants, and a sun smart top that fully covers the shoulders and neck. College polo or school provided sports tops will be worn when representing the school.

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