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Cobram Secondary College has a BYOD (Bring your own device) program.

The College is taking a further step towards integrating technology into the curriculum by allowing students in years 7-12 to bring a personal device to class, use in private study sessions and take home to follow up on classwork. This will provide students the opportunity to become familiar with and develop ICT literate skills on an individual and personalised basis on a device they feel comfortable with. This will further provide students the opportunity to develop essential skills needed for their participation in a connected, ethical and globalised society.


As part of the program, students at Cobram Secondary College gain access to a range of software and productivity tools free of charge. These include;

  • Office 365 - including installation of the Microsoft Office suite of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access and OneNote

  • Google Apps in Education - personalised email with up to 5GB of cloud storage.

  • Adobe Design and Web Collection - including powerful graphics software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Acrobat Pro

Listed below are recommended BYOD specifications, frequently asked questions regarding the BYOD program, acceptable user agreement for the program and packages offered from local business Redgum Photographics and Computers.


Further Considerations:


  • S mode turned off

  • Students and parents should consider transport and carrying options of their device. This may include;         - A backpack with netbook/laptop compartmen 

              - A soft/hard cover

  • Touchscreen and 2-in-1 netbooks/laptops are becoming more common. These should be considered in relation to your educational pathway. If you would like further advice on the suitability of a particular device for your educational pathway, please contact the College.


  • Consider the ergonomics of your device for your intended educational use, including factors such as the weight, size and durability of your device.

Please do not hesitate to contact the College General Office on 03 58711700 for any further questions.


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