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The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning or VCAL, is an individualised pathway for students who have a clear trade aspiration. Designed to provide students with practical experience, employability skills and personal development opportunities, which helps prepare them for further training in the workplace, or at TAFE.


There are four streams of study in VCAL. These are Literacy, Numeracy, Industry Specific Skills or VET and Work Related Skills encompassing Personal Development. Students have compulsory units in both Literacy and Numeracy which is designed to improve skills for their trade pathways and provides an array of alternative units of study designed around individual interests.

Students participate in community based projects as a class, as well as personal projects such as work experience. Work experience is vital and provides an opportunity for students to explore career options and understand the nature and expectations of different jobs and industries.


As part of the students personalised VCAL program, they must choose a structured work placement, School Based Apprenticeship or Work Skills Based Session. In addition to this, VCAL students also participate in community based or appropriate projects to help develop necessary teamwork, self-confidence and general employability skills.


Completing their VCAL certificate will see our graduates have job-ready skills and a sought after work ethic. Contact our College to learn more about our VCAL program.

A School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship is when you combine paid work, school and training to receive a qualification that is recognised Australia wide. Apprentices and trainees generally learn industry skills by combining on-the-job paid work with training at a TAFE institute or other provider.

School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships can count towards completion of student’s VCE or VCAL.


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