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Victorian Certificate of Education


What is the VCE?

The VCE is the certificate that most students in receive on satisfactory completion of their secondary education. It is an outstanding qualification that is recognised around the world. The VCE provides diverse pathways to further study or training at University or TAFE, and to employment.

When can I start my VCE?

The VCE is usually done in Year 11 and Year 12 but some students start their VCE in Year 10 with teacher and Assistant Principal approval. This decision is informed by the use of data and previous student performance to determine their ability to succeed.

What studies can I choose?

There are over 90 VCE studies and over 30 VCE/VET programs to choose from. The VCE/VET programs can also provide a nationally recognised industry qualification.

What can I choose from at my school?

Each school decides which VCE studies it will offer. You can read about the possible selection at Cobram Secondary College in this handbook.

If a VCE study that interests you is not available, it may be possible to do it outside of school at Distance Education of Victoria, Virtual Learning Network or the Victorian School of Languages.

What should I consider when choosing my studies?

When making your choice, you should consider studies that:

  • Interest you

  • You are good at

  • Lead to a job that interests you

  • Prepare you for further training or tertiary courses

How is the VCE organised?

A VCE study is made up of units. A unit is one semester in length. Units 1 & 2 can be taken as single units, that is, just the Unit 1 or the Unit 2. However, Units 3 and 4 must be taken as a sequence in one academic year. A VCE program will generally consist of 20 to 24 units taken over two years, although you can vary the number of units that you do in one year. You may take more than two years to complete your VCE. Units 3 and 4 are normally taken in your final year at school. If you are planning to take Units 3 & 4 in Year 11, remember that these are more difficult than Units 1 & 2.
Victorian Certificate of APPLIED LEARNING

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