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What is the uniform?

Students must wear full school uniform as per the school uniform policy. For uniform sales, please contact the General Office.

Dress grey shorts (boys)                               

Dress grey pants (boys)

Navy tailored dress pants (girls)

Dress navy shorts (girls)                               

College tartan skirt (girls)

College school dress (girls)                             

College polo (unisex)                                    

Beanie – navy with logo (unisex)

Scarf – navy with logo (unisex)

Hat broad brimmed – navy (unisex)

Rugby jumper with logo (unisex)               

Soft Shell Jacket with logo (unisex)

College Jacket with logo (unisex)           

Shoes - all black of any design

Solid color, Black, Grey, White or Navy Socks (no logos)

Is there a sports uniform?

There is no sports uniform, an appropriate change of clothes and footwear is required. Sports shorts or tracksuit pants, and a sun smart top that fully covers the shoulders and neck. College polo or school provided sports tops will be worn when representing the school.

How much are the parent contribution?

Year 7 parent contribution are $280 per year, this amount covers college and classroom running costs such as sports/athletic days, health and PE, classroom equipment and consumables for all Year 7 subjects, printing, student ID cards, paper, etc.


Does my child need a laptop or digital device?

Cobram Secondary College believes that the use of digital technologies at school allows the development of valuable skills and knowledge and prepares students to thrive in our globalised and inter-connected world. Our school’s vision is to empower students to use digital technologies to reach their personal best and fully equip them to contribute positively to society as happy, healthy young adults. Our school operates a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, which means students must bring their own purchased or leased device with them to school each day.


What if we don't have a computer?

Cobram Secondary College has in place arrangements to support families who may be experiencing long or short-term hardship for students to access devices for schoolwork. We also have a number of devices that can be leased for a small term by term fee.


What subjects do students do in Year 7?

Students will undertake all subjects including:

English                  Mathematics                      Art                         Digital Technologies

Health                   Physical Education           Humanities           Learning to Learn

Music                    Science                               Woodwork


What extra-curricular/after school activities can students do? Is there an opportunity for leadership?

Cobram Secondary College values the importance of extra-curricular activities and seeks to provide avenues to give students the opportunity to extend their skills, ideas, opinions and demonstrate leadership.

This is done in a variety of ways including:

  • Instrumental Music                             

  • College Band                   

  • Sports Captains    

  • Camps & Excursions       


What time does school start & finish? Bell times?

Our school bell rings and music plays over the Public Address System.



Is there a canteen? When is it open?

Yes, there is a canteen at the school with limited lunch and snack items. The canteen is open at recess and lunchtime, Monday to Friday. All lunch orders need to be ordered through the website: and click on Join Today. You will then receive an email with an activation link.


Will I have homework?

Students must learn to do homework. Secondary school life does not end in the classroom. Homework allows you time to learn how to work independently of a teacher. It prepares you for the adult life skills of managing deadlines, researching alone, organising your thoughts and learning to manage many different projects at the same time.


How does the school deal with conflict & bullying?

Cobram Secondary College is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment where bullying will not be tolerated. The schools Bullying Prevention Policy addresses how Cobram Secondary College aims to prevent and respond to student bullying behaviour. Bullying complaints will be taken seriously and responded to sensitively at our school, we encourage students or parents to speak to the relevant Year Level Leader. Students are welcome to discuss their concerns with any trusted member of staff including teachers, wellbeing staff, etc.


What supports are in place?

Student health and wellbeing is integral to all aspects of school life and Cobram Secondary College aims to ensure that a safe and supportive environment and culture is created and maintained so that the experience of teaching and learning is enhanced for all students. All staff at Cobram Secondary College possess the skills and knowledge to assist. Student health and wellbeing is a key feature of teachers’ roles, it provides opportunities for students to be acknowledged for their efforts and develop a positive self-image.  Some of

The Wellbeing team are available to work with students who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas including, family conflict, study techniques and time management, relaxation and stress management, building positive self-esteem and self-confidence, developing positive relationships with peers, developing resilience strategies to deal with bullying or harassment, academic progress, assistance and discussion with parents. The Wellbeing team also work with a number of key external agencies within the community to ensure students and families have access to further support.

What support is available for children with special needs?

The Program for Student Disability Coordinator works closely with the student, parents/guardians and teachers to design individual learning programs that provide physical, emotional and educational support to students with social, emotional or learning disabilities. 


Will I have the same teacher/room?

Every student 7-12 is under the guidance of a Homeroom/Illuminate teacher, whose main role is to ensure that each student is monitored, encouraged, guided and cared for as an integral part of our learning community. Illuminate will run every morning for 25 minutes. Year 7’s will mostly remain in the same homeroom, teachers will come into that room to teach their specialised subject. Students will move into specialised rooms and have specialist teachers for subjects such as Wood, Art or Music.


Can the Year 7’s play with the other year levels in the school?

Students are able to mingle and play with all other year levels in the yard. As children progress from primary school, the importance of peer friendships becomes more significant and feeling included in playground activities becomes a vital factor in the healthy development of their social and emotional wellbeing.


How many students are in each class?

Classes will have no more than 25 students per subject, and often less than 25.


I live out of town, how can I get to school?

Public Transport Victoria runs a school bus network in rural and regional Victoria. If your child is eligible, they can travel for free. There are different categories that decide if your child is eligible for free travel. Speak to your school Bus coordinator for more information an application or read the eligibility guide.

  • Student Representative Council

  • ICAS Educational Assessments  

  • International Travel

  • School Sport   

Is there a camp or excursions in Year 7? How much will it cost?

Yes, a camp is offered in Year 7. The camp is specifically designed with activities to allow students to become familiar with both the members of the wider Year 7 cohort, their own Home Room, and some of the teachers who they will come into contact with most often. Year 7 camp offers the opportunity for your child to develop valuable communication skills, self-awareness, self-esteem and be able to better cope with diverse personalities whilst transitioning from Primary to Secondary education.

Can I go home at lunchtime?

Lunch Passes are issued to students going home for lunch. Parents must approve in writing for their child to leave the school grounds to go to home ONLY.


Can you bring your phone or ipod to school?

Cobram Secondary College understands that students may bring a mobile phone or an ipod or other electronic devices to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school or to extra-curricular activities. Electronic devices must not be used whilst on school premises. Electronic devices must be switched off, and locked securely in the student’s locker during these times. At the end of the day, once students are at the bus bay (other side of fence) students may use their electronic devices. Students in possession of, or using their mobile phones will have it confiscated and locked securely in the main office. It will usually be returned to the student or the parent/carer at the end of the school day. Students are not permitted to access their electronic devices during lunchtime or recess. The use of headphones is not permitted in class unless under the instruction of a teacher when being used for educational purposes. The College strongly advises that for safety reasons headphones are not used when students are travelling to and from school, eg. walking, riding a bike, moving on and off buses.

How does the school keep parents informed about what is going on?

Cobram Secondary College is committed to maintaining strong links between home and school. Compass Parent Portal (webpage and App) allows you to securely view you child’s progress, timetable, attendance, book parent/teacher/student conversations, view reports and obtain currents school news, via newsfeed and links to the school newsletter. Parents should also check the website regularly. Parents may also receive messages from Compass, emails or text messages from the school. Parents are encouraged to contact their child's teacher, via the General Office, any time they have a question or concern.


Where do I put my bag? How do I keep my belongings safe?

Each student is allocated a locker, students bring their own lock. Students are responsible for all items brought to school. Please note that the Cobram Secondary College does not have accident insurance for accidental property damage or theft. Students and their parents/carers are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance for valuable items and ensure they have a lock for their locker to secure valuables.


Are students required to play sport at school?

Cobram Secondary College encourages physical activity at school, during class time as a part of the curriculum and at interschool level against other schools in the Goulburn Valley region as well as lunchtime activities and within the community. In addition to contributing to students’ physical and emotional wellbeing, sport promotes co-operation and teamwork, and assists with the development of friendship. The school holds swimming and athletics carnivals, where students represent their house colors. Students are allocated to one of four houses, Goodman (Blue), Jordan (Yellow), Rose (Red) and Shadforth (Green) upon enrolment to which they represent throughout their time at the College.

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