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We are excited to be producing our first school production in 8 years!

POPSTARS! The 90s Musical.

Nice-guy Mark is head over heels for his popular girlfriend Shannon - that is until she dumps him in front of the whole school. Shannon doesn’t have time for boys now that she and her friends have formed a girl-band to win a Talent Show. In pursuit of revenge, Mark's grunge-band mates form a band with the help of their headstrong classmate, Ella. Can Mark get the girl, get the prize and get even with Shannon? It's boy band vs girl band in this 90's jukebox musical spectacular.

Beginning term 2, rehearsals for the main cast will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes. Chorus will also begin learning their dancers, songs and blocking of scenes next term.


Show dates: Due to the restrictions at present because of the COVID-19, the date of the performances are to be confirmed at a later date.

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